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  • Hyrkania

    The country directly south of [[The Barbarian North]]. It is currently at an uneasy peace with the Republic of [[Khitai]] to the south but is friendly to the [[Dwarven Kingdoms]] to the north. Its capital is [[Hyrkan]], home of the [[Royal Military …

  • Brynth


    A medium sized farming village in [[Hyrkania]] nestled along the north of the river Bryn and inside the [[Barony of Perhin]]. This place is famous for its many windmills dotting the …

  • Hyrkan VI

    Current ruler of [[Hyrkania]]. He is an older (60+years) man, with a wife, 2 sons and a daughter. He had fought with [[Khitai]] early in his life as a Prince, but also negotiated peace after becoming king.

  • Hyrkan

    The "Ruby Crown" of [[Hyrkania]] and the capitol of the Kingdom. Here is located some of the most diversity in the Border Kingdoms. Every race, from Dragonborn to Tieflings are common, mingling and trading. Also notable are the many great temples, market …

  • Brynth Rampart

    Small fort protecting the Hyrkanian entrance to the [[Korveld Pass]]. It consists of a palisade and within it 2 buildings, the first is a 3 level fort type construction and the second is a guard house where the officer quarters exist.

  • Duke Hadglen

    The duke is a middle-aged, balding man. He last wore nobles clothing of orange and red. He wears glasses and carries a tax book with him. He dislikes Eloyn, and discharged her for a month.