Tag: Inn


  • Brynth Inn

    One of the 2 inns in the town of [[Brynth]], this place is curently run by a man called [[:Hinh]]. Normally a very crowded place, with cheap prices and more often than not populated with shady patrons.

  • Silver Unicorn Inn

    One of the two inns in the town of [[Brynth]], curently run by [[:65403]]. A nice place to spend the night if traveling through the region but currently facing problems getting patrons because of the rumors started by [[:hinh]] owner of the rival inn.

  • Salvana Wrafton

    Salvana Wrafton is the Halfling Barkeep of the Nicer Silver Unicorn Inn in Brynth, Hyrkania. She is scared and distrusts Hinh the Innkeeper and barkeep of the rival Brynth Inn.