Hymn Guild

Session 3- Sunday, Dic 6th
Notes by Eloyn

Sunday morning came and went with little novelty and as in the previous day our motley band of heroes found themselves once again waiting. Silence filled the silver unicorn inn; only the occasional noises emanating from the kitchen and the traffic of pedestrians outside disturbed the almost tangible stillness. What many call the “calm before the storm” and so our unlikely group of adventurers waited, only at nightfall would it all be set in motion. What were they to step into? No one was sure.

Shady dealings? Covert and clandestine meetings? The “oh so recent success of the Brynth inn”. Were they all connected or just arbitrary coincidences? Nothing was certain, that was the only thing clear-cut; rumors barely shed light into the mystery that was the Brynth Inn and its Sunday night meetings. So as the old grandfather clock near the corner of the room signals 8, the party decides it is now time to pay heed to their invitation and go meet with their new “friends” in the surreptitious gathering. At least there’s a CHANCE they’re “friendly”, or so they hope.

The walk to the “L” Shaped building they all recognize as the Brynth inn seems short, the cool night air refreshing on their skin and disturbed thoughts. As they approach the front entrance, edgy and almost hesitant they question if it is the right choice, one final glimpse at the paper in Almar’s possession (their so called invitation) gives confirmation of their true destination. “It’s through the back door” he says, guiding them to the side alley near the main building. The final trek around the edifice and towards the back appears to be even longer than their previous one from the Silver Unicorn, drawing near they find an imposing door, seeming forged from pure shadow, slightly ajar, and ominously inviting. Should they cross?

Doubt holds them for but a second, gathering their courage they tread through the doorway a final word of caution barely heard from Eloyn’s silent whisper “Be prepared for anything”. One by one our heroes go forth into the wooden building and only once inside do they notice that within the scarcely lit room a spiral staircase descends. With each step down their resolve grows stronger and as they reach the basement little hesitation remains. A man of average and common appearance approaches them as they gather at the foot of the stairs, a door man it seems. He welcomes the visitors and asks who and what they are there for that night, to which Almar with composed ease hands in his invitation. “We are here for the meeting” he proclaims and they simply are let pass with only “You are just in time for the initiation” as a response.

The main room is large, much too large to be a simple basement; it is crowded, noisy with the chatter of people talking and well illuminated by spheres of light mounted on the walls. To the party’s surprise, the area seems a good deal larger than that of the inn up top, on either side of the room, two tables lined with chairs hold most the patrons who avidly speak both Humans and Halflings. In the north a skillfully adorned chair awaits its owner and finally on the northwest most section a tied and gagged halfling seems to be on the receiving end of a beating.

It is clear what is going through the minds of our adventurers the moment they lay eyes on such an act of cruelty and it takes just one glance at Eloyn to confirm their suspicions. With a silent fleeting look and soundless prayer they all hope the lawful warlord does not blow their cover. Uneasily the party separates trying to mingle and hoping to go unnoticed, Gaelen, Lecreuset and the two dwarves heading towards the eastern most table, while Almar and Eloyn make their way to the one located just south of where 3 humans seem to be torturing the halfling.

It doesn’t take Almar much time to get bored of just sitting (some might speculate it’s just his endless recklessness, very few others would merit it to his compassion) so a few minutes after taking a seat at one of the tables he steps forward and starts conversation with the 3 men torturing the Halfling. He asks who the victim is and the reasons of said “fun” , even going as far as joining in after a silent whisper only heard by the victim “sorry, about this” he proclaims.One swift and “careful” blow later the now friendly men offer how their current “guest” came to be, how he was caught snooping around their turf and how he now must pay for such an intrusion.

The conversation is short lived though, as a now irate Eloyn interrupts the friendly exchange between the men and the shifter. The annoyed noble attempts to interrupt the violence on the Halfling by grabbing Almar’s arm before he might try and hit the small humanoid once again. It is at this point that the other men around them noticing her discomfort try to appease the woman but only serve in angering her further. Just as things seem like they are about to take a turn for the worst, the whole room seems to go silent and shift their sight towards the entrance.

Walking boldly in to the room appears to be a handsome man elegantly dressed in studded leather armor, with an eye patch covering his right eye and armed to the teeth with numerous weapons. Taking this as a distraction the barbarian drags the young warlord to her seat and wills her to listen attentively to the whole spectacle about to unfold. The crowd pays little attention to the now forgotten fuming woman, all eyes on the man that just entered the room. His rich voice welcomes everyone present and after a pompous and eloquent presentation to the group which he self proclaims the Guild of Heroes and Champions of Brynth, he takes seat at his throne to the north.

Much cheering and applauding is heard every time the leader seems to mention the guild in his speech and even more when he mentions the first order of business. In the same charismatic and compelling manner as in his earlier allocution, the tall man dictates that the intruding halfling is to be executed for his crimes against the guild.

The sounds of encouragement are yet to die down from the merry guilds men when a loud thud is heard across the room interrupting their glee. All eyes seem to turn in a single moment; standing now next to the table where she was once seated, is Eloyn. Her hand firmly planted on the table the apparent cause of the earlier sound that interfered with the leader’s last command.

“What did this man do to deserve death?” She questions.

With a charming smile and ever persuasive words the handsome man explains the Halflings incursion on the guilds territory, yet his words do not seem to placate the woman’s sense of injustice. She defies his order once more, yet he still smiles pleasantly at her and taking one of the many daggers strapped on him, sends it flying. With a dull sound the blade lands on the table next to Eloyn, and with careful and polite words the Guild Leader asks for someone to finish of the task he issued.

At this point all hell breaks loose.

In what seems like a single instant, bodies start to scatter around the room as heavy footsteps are heard coming down the spiral stair case, an accusing voice and a distant yell of “… the thieves are down here…” can be barely made out making many spring into action. The dagger on the table suddenly flies across the room airborne once more, as if an invisible hand had thrown it and before any of the present is even able to make a grab for it. As chaos ensures, Eloyn rushes towards the small prisoner intending to keep him safe and from harm’s way, while In the mean time her barbarian companion nearby leaps onto the table and swings wildly at all the thugs in his way (what a distraction!). The sturdy dwarves also dash to the fore; joining their friends in battle along with a swift Aearion Lecreuset that readies his blades giving one last glance at crafty Mr. Copperpot, who apparently is finishing off an unknown spell. A brawl breaks out in the basement, our odd heroes against the full force of the guild.

Swords and axes slash, hammers in dwarven hands crush opposition, devious and skillful spells end many others. By the end of the night more than half the guild lies dead, only a few are left alive held captive, the infamous leader hastily escaped and a very unconscious and covered in urine elf adorns the ground. After some friendly coaxing and pleasant barbarian questioning some light is shed on the guild activities and the identity of the charismatic and missing chief is discovered. He goes by the name of Durnan Loelray a prosperous and wealthy man in the region, businessman by day and rogue boss of the almost dismantled thief guild by night.

Evidence of said activities trouble our adventurers but little is found as the whole bar and underground is searched with little success. Questioning the halfling proves almost unfruitful in giving any additional information; the now bruised and battered young man identifies himself as Johnathan Wrafton the cousin of Salvana Wrafton’s (innkeeper of the silver unicorn) on a lone mission to investigate the shady events and patrons in the Brynth inn. In an animated and rapid speech customary of a Halfling, he relates how he came to be captured and what he knows of the guild. It is decided that the nights events must be reported to the authorities, the secret group and its leader uncovered.

So with what little evidence and information they gathered, three prisoners, some trinkets in hand and a still unconscious elf on Gramek’s shoulder, they head out in the cold night towards the town guard station. The night’s events are hard to believe even for them. They stood against a whole guild of thieves? A respected business man is a rouge leader of a hidden group? How are the guards to accept all this as true?

Incredible or not the guards listen to their story, with an uneasy silence at first and later awed respect, they accept the wanted criminals the heroes have captured. The guards explain about the rumors of a supposed rouge guild in the village, of the reward for capturing certain thugs and finally explain that Loelray is beyond their reach without any evidence. Thinking they have brought some needed order to Brynth and one more reward in hand the now satisfied heroes decide to call it a night.

TBC (Ugh i know, just a little more)

Session 2 - Sunday, Nov 29th
Notes by Fasteddy

When we previously left our heroes they were inside a banquet hall in a crypt of all places, the Crypt of King Holgn. Quite an odd place to have a banquet hall I can assure you, but nonetheless after searching the room for secrets and viewing tapestries filled with what would have appeared to be many great feats of Kord during his human lifetime and also his assent into godhood their attention then turned to the skeletal soldiers and their king.

The king grasping onto a frozen parchment had a sheathed golden longsword on his belt, similar to the other swords but gold instead. Using some delicate measures Galen and Eloyn managed to pry the parchment from the kings hand without ruining it. Galen, using some crafty magic, was also able to safely remove the ice and unroll it. A beautiful sketch of what appeared to be the kings wife was on it, however the eyes of the women were more catlike than human.

After much debate about removing the sword Almar pulled the sword from the sheath only to reveal that sword was immaculate and appeared as if the edge of the blade began to frost. Surely one would only make a golden sword for ornamental purposes…or would they? Upon further inspection it was determined that the sword was magical. The gold of the sword was somehow tempered to usable in combat and the frost was from the swords ability to freeze and do frost damage to those it struck. This would clearly have to be the weapon of a god.

Not wanting to use the sword until more details were obtained Almar tore off the sheath and put the sword in it for safe keeping, Gramek then volunteered himself to keep the sword safe.

While leaving the banquet room Thrawn noticed a gold dust like substance on the ground which appeared to be a trail that someone or something had left behind. Gathering the dust for further analysis, they all followed the trail into the room with the tubes that fed the flames throughout the crypt. Aearion noted that the hole in the wall where the trail ended had its tube removed.

Coming up short in the tube room the party then headed out and back upstairs where they took a look at the painting again. As it hadn’t changed since last they saw and comparing the parchment drawing of the lady to the painting it was in fact the same women just with different eyes. Not wanting to enrage the dead they returned the parchment to the king and headed out.

Passing the hallway with the flame it was noted that one of the tubes had been untied and some ways down the hall the gold dust like trail had begun again. Mystified by the the strange dust they all left the crypt returning the dagger from the sundial to the statue closing the doors. Camping for the night outside the crypt rather inside where it were warm they discovered that through their hastiness they had left their horses outside in the inclement weather for far too long. The walk back to Kor would be a bitter one.

On the return to Kor a pack of hungry wolves decided to test their luck against our heroes only to be deftly handled by the six. Surprisingly inside of one of the wolves was a belt that was fully intact and in perfect condition.

In Kor, Elder Amorak looked at both the sword and the dust. Having no clue about the dust determined that the sword was most likely used by Kord when he was a human. The group decided that the sword would be best used in the hands of Aearion. They also found out that the orcs Eloyn had been searching for were known as the Dorth’Ug. Meanwhile Almar was talking with Galen privately about the inner conflict he had been struggling with recently. With no answers for Almar Galen would decide to help investigate the matters.

Ending the quest upon which the group originally set out on it would seem that their paths would go the same way as they all decided to Eloyn’s fort where they could help her tell of their findings and continue searching out the Dorth’Ug and the crypts the Khitai had mapped out.

Receiving horses from the elder they set off south from Kor to the Brynth Rampart, the fort that Eloyn is stationed at. Leaving the freazing cold of the Korveld Mountains the scenery changes into gorgeous planes of grass and wheat fields and the temperature raises significantly as it is the middle of summer.

After some odd looks by the guards Eloyn is informed that she is to report to the top of the main building upon which Duke Hadglen is waiting with a tongue lashing and a dismissal from service for one month with no pay. Determined to not have this incident dirty her name Eloyn continues her search of the Dorth’Ug and crypts the Khitai raiders had a mapped by claiming her last paycheck and leading the group south to her home town of Brynth.

Entering the town of Brynth its evening and not many people are about Eloyn leads the group to the nicer of the two inns, the Silver Unicorn Inn. Inside is empty except for one distraught looking female halfling behind the bar named Salvana Wrafton. After inquiring about whats bothering her the group learns that the other inn the town, the Brynth Inn, has been stealing all of her business.

Feeling a little better about the business she is about to recieve Salvana goes a bit more into detail about the shady dealings at the Brynth Inn specifically the rumors they are spreading about her inn, their prices dropping beyond her operating costs, and the weekly Sunday night meetings. Salvana also mentions that it feels as if it is getting cooler earlier in the evenings, which would be odd around this time seeing as if it is the middle of summer.

Almar decides to go investigate these matters and with secret intentions of finding more about his conflicts and asks Galen to accompany him. While the rest of the group stays behind at the Silver Unicorn Inn enjoying food and drink at the expense of Eloyn Almar and Galen make their way to the Brynth Inn where they run into the bouncer who is a half-orc and even larger than Almar himself. Not wanting to pay the cover charge Almar outwits the half-orc to a handstand challenge that he quickly loses gaining access to the inn for free and allowing Galen to slip in unnoticed.

Once inside they took a look around and Galen noticed 3 tieflings wearing apprentice sorcerer robes. Striking up conversation, Galen quickly inquires about their abilities in the matter of Almar’s inner conflict. They gave a price for the incantation and Almar agreed. Exiting the inn the tieflings turned Almar into his true form which was that of a shifter. He wasn’t nearly as tall as he originally was and he had fur like hair all over his body.

Wanting to still investigate the on goings in the bar they returned inside and took a seat at the bar where they talked to the owner himself, Hinh and were able to obtain an invitation to the next meeting of which they still had no clue what it was about.

Upon returning to the Silver Unicorn Inn they had found everyone had already gone to bed. so they decided that they would also retire for the evening, however before both Aearion and Thrawn went to sleep they had sworn they had seen the image of a face outside of their rooms.

The next day was as warm and sunny as the previous and the group awoke bright and early to find Almar was no longer human but a shifter, and that he had obtained an invitation to the Sunday night meeting at the Brynth Inn so they all decided to wait it out and spend the two days in Brynth.

The majority of the group went their own ways on Saturday checking out the market areas where Gramek was able to find some pipe weed that he had never had before, and Galen was able to get the necklace of keys and the gold like dust checked out. The necklace was found to be magical and very valuable, quite handy in getting out of certain situations. As for the dust there was no one who knew anything about it.

Lastly Eloyn went to her father, Baron Elton Loyalar’s home where she informed him about what had happened at the Brynth Rampart with Duke Hadglen and he insured her that he agreed with her decisions and she did the right thing.

Session 1 - Sunday, Nov 14th
Notes by Cygany

Our adventure starts with the awkward and hasty introductions of a variety of individuals who coincidentally all stopped in this small village on a mountain pass to spend the night.

We have Aearion Lecreuset, an Elven Ranger who seems handy with a sword in each hand, Almar Dement, a human Barbarian hefting a mighty maul, Eloyn Loyalar, a Warlord leader using a long sword and shield, Galen Copperpot, a Gnome Illusionist, Gramek Hammerhand, a sturdy Dwarf Guardian Fighter with a warhammer and large shield, and Thrawn Anders Pinkens, aka “TAP”, a maul wielding Battlerager Fighter Dwarf.

The village elder was kind to offer hospitality to the travelers. Many of the adult villagers were out hunting. A calm evening of swapping stories and relaxation was interrupted by a dozen riders turning off from the pass and coming up to the village. The leader was a bald man missing his left hand and left eye. The colors and emblem of the riders indicated that they were from Khitai, a desert kingdom far to the south. He wanted information about the location for the crypt of the barbarian king that used to rule over these lands. The travelers were not about to see these poor villagers bullied and harmed, and placed themselves in the path of the raiders.

Using the narrow approach ramp up to the village to their advantage, the quickly formed party took up positions that blocked and channeled the attackers into ranks only 3 wide. With the help of the terrain boxing them in, the attackers were rather quickly decimated, with only a couple of minor injuries to the defenders. One of the riders at the back was able to turn and kick his horse into a fast retreat.

A note on the bald raid leader spoke of a dozen locations of artifacts that they were seeking. Eloyn wrote a letter to her command about the Khitai raiders and that they were looking for a powerful weapon in the crypt, and to alert them to seek out and defend the other places on the list. Meanwhile several of the others gathered the surviving horses, and examined the raider corpses. They found they had all wore pendants with a symbol of a skull with one eyeless socket and a tiny green gem in the other. This is the symbol for Vecna, an evil and powerful mage that once defeated, had become a lich, and then a god, worshiped by many in Khitai.

Consulting with the village elder, it was decided that perhaps the best way to protect the village would be to remove the artifact from the crypt and turn it over to the Hyrkanian crown for safekeeping.

After traveling for two days in the frigid barren tundra, the party found their way to the crypt that the elder had directed them to. This is the final resting place of King Holgn, who once ruled this formerly great Northern land of the barbarians.

They found a courtyard leading up to the massive doors of the crypt, sealed shut. In the courtyard was a fountain beautifully frozen in action, a broken sundial, and a statue of the king. Above the doors read a passage of that was recognized as something from Kord, the storm god: “6:20 – And so it came to be, that he who balanced life and duty would be most rewarded in death and rest.” A devout follower of Kord may notice that the quoted verse number is incorrect, and so it was noticed.

The group found that by borrowing the loose dagger from the statue and placing it on the sundial, with an artificial light source casting it’s shadow onto 6:20, the sundial activated and opened the crypt doors.

Inside they found a large room with a collapsed ceiling, but a new ceiling made entirely of ice, allowed colorful light to filter through. A hallway led to the north, and another to the right. After following the path to the north, they came to a halt before a series of 5 statues shooting searing flames across the the hall, blocking passage.

Looking for another way around by maybe the eastern hallway, they encountered 3 very hungry zombies. They were summarily pulverized, but not before one took a bite out of a dwarf. Fortunately, the ragged wound was not infected with zombie-making bacteria. The hallway the zombies came from led to a room filled entirely with large piles of cheap mass-produced swords. This was not a way through.

Heading back to the flaming hallway of death, the party moved close enough to get a closer look at the first statue. They saw a tube coming from the wall to the statue. With some noble cloth and team effort, they were able to remove the tubes, cutting off the fuel source to the flaming statues, and tie them off. They moved carefully to each statue until the way was clear.

The hallway beyond led to a couple of other hallways. The walls were decorated with lovely paintings and tapestries depicting the land of Holgn. At the start of one hallway, was a large, very realistic painting, almost life-like, of the what the party believed to be the King, his queen and son. This hallway led to a door.

Behind the door was 3 tombs, with detailed reliefs of the royal family. The room was lit, warm and comfortable. The floor was covered with a thin layer of some kind of clear, odorless liquid. While examining the room, a slight draft was felt in one corner. Some tapping on the walls revealed one surface sounding hollow. Some much stronger tapping from the maul of a barbarian exposed a small alcove with a wooden crate. The crate contained some precious gems, and a finely embroidered cloth that contained a necklace made out of keys linked together.

The group left to explore the other passageway and not disturb the rest of the dead. That is when something spooky happened. Walking past the painting, the party noticed that the boy was not in the picture anymore! Fairly creeped out, two of them rushed backed and pushed the lid off the smaller tomb. The others came back when they heard the loud crash of the lid hitting the floor. They found the partially mummified skeletal remains of boy inside. It took most of the group to lift the lid and put it back in place. They carefully proceeded, keeping a vigilant eye on the shadows behind.

The next opening they came to curved down into another level like a basement. They found a room that had lots of tubes running into the walls, and machinery pumping fluid through them. In the corner of the room was a small iron maiden. Putting a light source in through the eye holes of the prison device disturbed a nest of scarabs that angrily poured out. The elf put on a fanciful display of stomping the bugs as they swarmed him. He was left behind to clean up the bug goo.

While several of the adventures that were scouting ahead heard the sounds of a crying child, the daring elven explorer decided to open up and see what was inside the iron maiden. He let loose a bit of a screech when the midget skeleton that collapsed out, became animated and grabbed his leg. He eventually made his escape and rejoined the others.

Fresh after the sounds of the child had faded, the yelp from the ranger, came a startled call from the barbarian who had found some sort of banquet hall. With some ancient diners still sitting around the table. Seated at the head of the grand table, complete with well-prepared food flash frozen and encased in ice, sat the skeleton of a man in gold armor wearing a crown. Sitting on both sides of the table were two pairs of knight skeletons.


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