Galen Copperpot

A Gnomish Wizard with a fondness for trickery and grand illusions.


Galen Copperpot, Unaligned Gnome Illusionist Wizard

Ability Scores

  • Str: 8
  • Con: 10
  • Dex: 10
  • Int: 20
  • Wis: 13
  • Cha: 15

General Stats

  • HP: 24
  • AC: 18
  • Fort: 12
  • Refl: 17
  • Will: 16
  • Init: +1

Trained Skills

  • Arcana +13
  • Streetwise +8
  • Religion +11
  • History +11

Untrained Skills

Acrobatics +1, Bluff +3, Diplomacy +3, Dungeoneering +2, Endurance +1, Heal +2, Insight +2, Intimidate +3, Nature +2, Perception +2, Stealth +3, Thievery +1, Athletics +0

Racial Features

  • Reactive Stealth
  • Fade Away
  • Fey Origin
  • Trickster’s Cunning
  • Master Trickster

Class Features

  • Arcane Implement Mastery: Orb of Deception
  • Cantrips
  • Ritual Casting
  • Spellbook


  • Ritual Caster
  • Gnome Phantasmist
  • Armor Proficiency (Leather)


  • AW: Phantom Bolt
  • AW: Winged Horde
  • En: Grasping Shadows
  • Da: Horrid Whispers
  • Da: Sleep (Spellbook)
  • Ut: Shield
  • Ut: Float (Spellbook)


  • Amanuensis
  • Arcane Mark
  • Comprehend Language
  • Make Whole
  • Tenser’s Floating Disk


Spellbook, Adventurer’s Kit, Implement, Orb (E), Cloth Armor (Basic Clothing), Dagger, Flute, Alchemical Reagents (Arcana) (40), Cold Weather Clothing, Riding Horse, Necklace of Keys +1 (E), Leather Armor (E), Parrying Dagger +1 (E)

Dieties: Sehanine, Corellon

Languages known: Common, Elven


Two months before Galen Copperpot was born, his family and others were taken by the Fomorians to be used as slave labor and entertainment.

Shortly after he was born, a small group of captives organized a daring plan to escape. Galen’s father, Brocc, and a couple of other men volunteered to provide a distraction so the rest could escape. A number of gnomes died during the escape attempt, including his father, but they made it away.

Since their forest homes had been destroyed, and the area swarming with enemies, the refugees hid and were constantly on the move to avoid detection. With divine help from Sehanine, they were able to evade their pursuers by moving silently at night, and eventually were able to reconnect with other clan and resume their lives.

As Galen grew, he discovered he had a wild natural talent for magic. His mother said his father had had little talent, but loved to collect books, relics, and scrolls about magic. Part scholar, but more collector of things arcane, but mostly junk. Galen loved to play practical jokes on the other kids, and sometimes grown-ups, hiding and relocating things behind their back. Things were relatively good until the hobgoblin raiders came through.

Galen tried to use his tricks and minor abilities to mask and hide the location of his mother and himself, but when she saw how they brutalized one of the children, she cried out and gave their location away, and two came to investigate. Galen was crouched with his mother in his makeshift veil, and somehow repulsed them with a burst of will. They turned about, forgetting what they were intending, and returned to finding other victims.

After that incident, they agreed that he should learn what he could of magic. She wouldn’t go with him, but told him how to find their old village and home, and where to find the obscured entrance to his father’s workrooms. She gave Galen the small pan flute she used to play for him for good luck and companionship.

Searching for landmarks, and features of the forest that his mother had told of, and perhaps a bit of luck or magic, he found where his old village had been. He found the partially ruined and neglected storerooms deep in the burrow of their home, and the lab where his father had tinkered with the items he had found.

Galen spent some time there reading and piecing together bits of information and even found in a hope chest of sorts, a blank spell book that his father had intended to give to his child. He practiced and attempted the rituals and other arcane spells that he read about, mostly to failure. Without a mentor to guide him, Galen was slow in developing his talents. He decided he learned all he could from the fragments of what remained behind and set out on his.

For awhile he traveled looking for wizards, lore-masters, book and scroll vendors. He was able to keep himself fed by performing little magic shows for people on their way to or from market, and minor magical tasks. He was also able to repair some things, good as new, just like magic!

While most people thought of him as an amusing little creature, he started embellishing his stage act and playing up the part of the spunky, the grandiose: Galen Copperpot, Master Magician!


Galen Copperpot

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