Thrawn Ander Pinkens


====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&DI Character Builder ====== Thrawn Ander Pinkens (TAP), level 1 Dwarf, Fighter Build: Battlerager Fighter Fighter Talents: Two-handed Weapon Talent

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 18, Con 16, Dex 10, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 8.

STARTING ABILITY SCORES Str 18, Con 14, Dex 10, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 8.

AC: 18 Fort: 16 Reflex: 10 Will: 11 HP: 31 Surges: 12 Surge Value: 7

TRAINED SKILLS Dungeoneering +8, Endurance +10, Athletics +9

UNTRAINED SKILLS Acrobatics, Arcana, Bluff -1, Diplomacy -1, Heal +1, History, Insight +1, Intimidate -1, Nature +1, Perception +1, Religion, Stealth, Streetwise -1, Thievery

FEATS Level 1: Dwarven Weapon Training

POWERS Fighter at-will 1: Brash Strike Fighter at-will 1: Cleave Fighter encounter 1: Bell Ringer Fighter daily 1: Brute Strike

ITEMS Adventurer’s Kit, Ale, Pitcher (5), Climber’s Kit, Backpack (empty), Sling Bullets (40), Maul, Scale Armor of Frost Resistance +1, Crossbow, Crossbow Bolts (40), Riding Horse ====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&DI Character Builder ======


Thrawn Anders Pinkens is thy name. you can call me TAP

It was a cold day when they came to our city. they cought us by surprise. Many a dwarf died that day, only a few were left alive. I was “one of the lucky ones”. They call them Orcs I call them dead (when I see them).

Before we were forced out of our home life was good; all that you could ask for as a dwarf. A nice mountain to call home, fire to warm you at night with a hairy dwarf female (if you were lucky), A even nicer mine to go work. But, alas, it is all gone now. Home to the smelly ones. I vow to one day return to claime what is rightfuly my clan’s and, untill then, I will not rest. I will see what this world has to offer a mountain folk and Moradin help anyone or anything that stands in the way of my hammer.


Thrawn Ander Pinkens

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