Hymn Guild

Session 2 - Sunday, Nov 29th

Notes by Fasteddy

When we previously left our heroes they were inside a banquet hall in a crypt of all places, the Crypt of King Holgn. Quite an odd place to have a banquet hall I can assure you, but nonetheless after searching the room for secrets and viewing tapestries filled with what would have appeared to be many great feats of Kord during his human lifetime and also his assent into godhood their attention then turned to the skeletal soldiers and their king.

The king grasping onto a frozen parchment had a sheathed golden longsword on his belt, similar to the other swords but gold instead. Using some delicate measures Galen and Eloyn managed to pry the parchment from the kings hand without ruining it. Galen, using some crafty magic, was also able to safely remove the ice and unroll it. A beautiful sketch of what appeared to be the kings wife was on it, however the eyes of the women were more catlike than human.

After much debate about removing the sword Almar pulled the sword from the sheath only to reveal that sword was immaculate and appeared as if the edge of the blade began to frost. Surely one would only make a golden sword for ornamental purposes…or would they? Upon further inspection it was determined that the sword was magical. The gold of the sword was somehow tempered to usable in combat and the frost was from the swords ability to freeze and do frost damage to those it struck. This would clearly have to be the weapon of a god.

Not wanting to use the sword until more details were obtained Almar tore off the sheath and put the sword in it for safe keeping, Gramek then volunteered himself to keep the sword safe.

While leaving the banquet room Thrawn noticed a gold dust like substance on the ground which appeared to be a trail that someone or something had left behind. Gathering the dust for further analysis, they all followed the trail into the room with the tubes that fed the flames throughout the crypt. Aearion noted that the hole in the wall where the trail ended had its tube removed.

Coming up short in the tube room the party then headed out and back upstairs where they took a look at the painting again. As it hadn’t changed since last they saw and comparing the parchment drawing of the lady to the painting it was in fact the same women just with different eyes. Not wanting to enrage the dead they returned the parchment to the king and headed out.

Passing the hallway with the flame it was noted that one of the tubes had been untied and some ways down the hall the gold dust like trail had begun again. Mystified by the the strange dust they all left the crypt returning the dagger from the sundial to the statue closing the doors. Camping for the night outside the crypt rather inside where it were warm they discovered that through their hastiness they had left their horses outside in the inclement weather for far too long. The walk back to Kor would be a bitter one.

On the return to Kor a pack of hungry wolves decided to test their luck against our heroes only to be deftly handled by the six. Surprisingly inside of one of the wolves was a belt that was fully intact and in perfect condition.

In Kor, Elder Amorak looked at both the sword and the dust. Having no clue about the dust determined that the sword was most likely used by Kord when he was a human. The group decided that the sword would be best used in the hands of Aearion. They also found out that the orcs Eloyn had been searching for were known as the Dorth’Ug. Meanwhile Almar was talking with Galen privately about the inner conflict he had been struggling with recently. With no answers for Almar Galen would decide to help investigate the matters.

Ending the quest upon which the group originally set out on it would seem that their paths would go the same way as they all decided to Eloyn’s fort where they could help her tell of their findings and continue searching out the Dorth’Ug and the crypts the Khitai had mapped out.

Receiving horses from the elder they set off south from Kor to the Brynth Rampart, the fort that Eloyn is stationed at. Leaving the freazing cold of the Korveld Mountains the scenery changes into gorgeous planes of grass and wheat fields and the temperature raises significantly as it is the middle of summer.

After some odd looks by the guards Eloyn is informed that she is to report to the top of the main building upon which Duke Hadglen is waiting with a tongue lashing and a dismissal from service for one month with no pay. Determined to not have this incident dirty her name Eloyn continues her search of the Dorth’Ug and crypts the Khitai raiders had a mapped by claiming her last paycheck and leading the group south to her home town of Brynth.

Entering the town of Brynth its evening and not many people are about Eloyn leads the group to the nicer of the two inns, the Silver Unicorn Inn. Inside is empty except for one distraught looking female halfling behind the bar named Salvana Wrafton. After inquiring about whats bothering her the group learns that the other inn the town, the Brynth Inn, has been stealing all of her business.

Feeling a little better about the business she is about to recieve Salvana goes a bit more into detail about the shady dealings at the Brynth Inn specifically the rumors they are spreading about her inn, their prices dropping beyond her operating costs, and the weekly Sunday night meetings. Salvana also mentions that it feels as if it is getting cooler earlier in the evenings, which would be odd around this time seeing as if it is the middle of summer.

Almar decides to go investigate these matters and with secret intentions of finding more about his conflicts and asks Galen to accompany him. While the rest of the group stays behind at the Silver Unicorn Inn enjoying food and drink at the expense of Eloyn Almar and Galen make their way to the Brynth Inn where they run into the bouncer who is a half-orc and even larger than Almar himself. Not wanting to pay the cover charge Almar outwits the half-orc to a handstand challenge that he quickly loses gaining access to the inn for free and allowing Galen to slip in unnoticed.

Once inside they took a look around and Galen noticed 3 tieflings wearing apprentice sorcerer robes. Striking up conversation, Galen quickly inquires about their abilities in the matter of Almar’s inner conflict. They gave a price for the incantation and Almar agreed. Exiting the inn the tieflings turned Almar into his true form which was that of a shifter. He wasn’t nearly as tall as he originally was and he had fur like hair all over his body.

Wanting to still investigate the on goings in the bar they returned inside and took a seat at the bar where they talked to the owner himself, Hinh and were able to obtain an invitation to the next meeting of which they still had no clue what it was about.

Upon returning to the Silver Unicorn Inn they had found everyone had already gone to bed. so they decided that they would also retire for the evening, however before both Aearion and Thrawn went to sleep they had sworn they had seen the image of a face outside of their rooms.

The next day was as warm and sunny as the previous and the group awoke bright and early to find Almar was no longer human but a shifter, and that he had obtained an invitation to the Sunday night meeting at the Brynth Inn so they all decided to wait it out and spend the two days in Brynth.

The majority of the group went their own ways on Saturday checking out the market areas where Gramek was able to find some pipe weed that he had never had before, and Galen was able to get the necklace of keys and the gold like dust checked out. The necklace was found to be magical and very valuable, quite handy in getting out of certain situations. As for the dust there was no one who knew anything about it.

Lastly Eloyn went to her father, Baron Elton Loyalar’s home where she informed him about what had happened at the Brynth Rampart with Duke Hadglen and he insured her that he agreed with her decisions and she did the right thing.



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